MacroMay – day… first of June

Just throwing in one more shot even though today is the first of June and MacroMay is over until next year. It’s funny (like hmmm funny, not ha-ha funny) when I think about how last year I made it until the middle of the month and then gave up, partly because I was lazy and partly because I got distracted. I think I was way more excited about it this year, which gave me greater momentum going into the project and helped me push me past the slump in the middle. I was determined, dagnabbit! When I think about why macro shots in general appeal to me so much, it’s pretty clear: it’s because macros facilitate abstraction and easily break the subject down from an object to patterns and colors (like a painting). Also, I think it reflects the way I approach people and objects in my everyday life. I like to appreciate the beautiful little parts that make up a whole. Alright, so enough with the navel-gazing! Thanks to everyone who played along. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at everyone’s photos in the Flickr pool. Here’s to MacroMay!

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