Sheltie of a Triangle

pattern: Shetland Triangle, from Wrap Style
designer: Evelyn A. Clark
yarn: Single Ply Artisan Merino & Silk blend by Ball and Skein
needles: Addi Lace #1
modifications: read on
It is done, it is blocked, and I am extremely satisfied. As I mentioned in my previous post, instead of using the size 6 needles the pattern calls for, I used 1s to get a denser knit and a smaller shawl. However, I was afraid of just how teeny this was pre-blocking. It measured 30 inches wide by about 20 inches long. After blocking, it grew to 48 inches by 26, which is enough to wrap comfortably around my neck in a jaunty fashion:
This is exactly what I wanted from this knit. It’s lovely and lacy, but not too gauzy. Because the yarn is a single-ply silky merino (in a juicy shade of green by Ball & Skein), it has a slight, subtle nap that lends itself perfectly to the pattern. Overall, I am seriously in love. I’m hoping tomorrow will be as crisp as today so I can wear this out!

124::365 - close-up of the Shetland Triangle

6 thoughts on “Sheltie of a Triangle

  1. It is GORGEOUS. I've been reading you for a while & while I'm not so talented a knitter as you…your work inspires me! Thanks.

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