say hello to my little friend!

pattern: turtle 19.20
designer: from a Japanese amigurumi book, ISBN4-8347-2487-5
yarn: scraps of pigeonroof handspun in “Millefiore”, knitterly things handspun in an unnamed colorway, and Sock Hop in “Sunshine of Your Love”
hook: size G
modifications: none, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I can now read crochet charts

If I had known that it was this easy to crochet, I would have totally tried this amigurumi thing a lot sooner. Seriously, I could not believe how easy this was to make. It’s funny that I couldn’t wrap my head around crocheting softies, yet sewing little itty-bitty felt parts and button-jointing them all together was such a breeze to me. Hmmm, this might just change everything – because I am so inspired by this medium and see the potential for immense cuteness.


9 thoughts on “say hello to my little friend!

  1. Hi, little Turtle! So, that’s what the mini hat turned into from your Flickrstream. I have been anti-crochet for a while, but have been slowly persuaded for the past couple of months by Ashley and Maryse and Adrian. It’s nuts!

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