what did you say? crochet??? no way!

pattern: Thorpe
designer: Kirsten at Through the Loops
yarn: pigeonroof studios worsted weight handspun in Winterberry
needles: 16 inch circs in US #8
modifications: I knit the crown to 88 stitches (instead of 80) because I was using a smaller needle size knit at an almost comparable gauge (just a tiny bit smaller). When knitting the earflaps, I knit over 16 stitches for each (instead of 14) in order to accommodate all those extra stitches. It fits like a dream!
Ever knock out a project in a day or two only to let it languish because you just can’t bring yourself to take care of those finishing details, like say, crocheting an edge around it? I am such a slacker when it come to those things, as evinced by the fact that it took me two years to get around to sewing some darn buttons on a pair of socks. I had been meaning to knit myself a Thorpe ever since I first saw Mr. brooklyntweed’s, but I was being picky about the yarn I would use for it. As soon as I got my hands on some lovely pigeonroof handspun in a worsted weight, I knew I had to make it. Last week, slightly sick of sock-knitting, I cast on and nearly finished my Thorpe in one go. Then came the time for the crochet edge, and I waited… and waited… and like the super-procrastinator I can be, waited some more. Why? Because I was afraid to crochet that edge. Which is really truly silly. I like crochet. Or rather, I like crocheted projects, but my few attempts at it have been nothing short of sucktastic. So finally, last night, I bit the bullet and went in and crocheted that edge. And you know what? I rather like it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be (super-easy, in fact), and I am pretty pleased with the way it looks:

And Malachi approves! Now off to crochet myself a hexagon blanket! Or, you know, baby steps on my way there….


5 thoughts on “what did you say? crochet??? no way!

  1. You and I must be sharing a brain, because I just finished my own Thorpe in some Pigeon Roof Hand spun and was at the LYS getting the owner to give me a mini crochet refresher!! Your edge is stupendous, I’m super impressed:)

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