wow, so it’s been a year already

9::365 - socks for Matt

pattern: basic 3 x 2 ribbed sock
designer: whoever first knit a sock in a 3 x 2 rib
yarn: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop in “Sunshine of Your Love”
needles: Addi Turbos US size #2

Starting the new year off on the right foot (hah!) with an actual FO (and it’s a birthday present for Matt no less). Socks in handspun are really the best, and I am happy to say that I know their recipient will adore them.

And hey! Will you look at that? It’s been a year since I started up this ol’ blog. I didn’t even notice that my bloggiversary had come and gone. I guess that’s because it’s nothing new to me, what with this being a reincarnation of my original blog and running 2 other crafty blogs (one of which no longer exists), in addition to participating in a couple of group blogs, writing on a non-crafting blog, and co-blogging with my partner-in-crime about a certain obsession of ours. I have been around the blogging block, regardless of whether any of those blogs can be called a “successful blog,” whatever that means, or not. (I think it’s a success if you manage to reach out and connect with people and form some sort of community, but I digress here.) I feel like the person who gets married and re-married over and over, and the very idea of marriage becomes commonplace to them. Weddings are no longer this special event. It’s just another day in the life. It’s like, “Hey you, over there! Wanna get married? Okay then, let’s go.” I’m like Liz Taylor, you know, minus the fame, fortune, and drag queen following. (Although there are days when I wish that I had a drag queen following because that pretty much seals the deal for you as a pop icon, and who wouldn’t want that?) Or maybe I didn’t notice because it’s been a while since my slacker ass posted anything on here. Ahem. So yeah, I’m pretty whatevs about the bloggiversary itself, but I am really happy with this blog and the people that I have met through it. You guys are pretty frigging fantastic! I am going to have a little bloggiversary giveaway or something the minute I get my act together, which I am expecting to do sometime by the end of the month. Thanks for tuning in, peoples!

socks for Matt

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