satan ate my mitten

The other night, Friday night I believe it was, I had a bizarro nightmare in which I was knitting a mitten that kept shifting shapes as I was knitting it and changing colors every 5 seconds like some crazy fiber optic lamp from the 70s. In the dream, I was seated across from Danielle at my kitchen table. My mitten began to hiss and make noises, and Danielle started laughing, saying, “Shit! Your mitten is possessed!” And I guess it was because suddenly there was all this horror-movie style house-groaning as “Satan” asked for the mitten. Suffice it to say, I gave him the mitten. I awoke to the house shaking. Those who have more spiritual leanings than I do might be inclined to say, “Well, that’s what you get for knitting a dirty pair of mittens, you pervo.” I respectfully disagree, though, being as the reason the house was shaking was probably because a huge truck rumbled by or a tree fell in the park across the street or more ice was sliding off of our roof or any one of the million reasons why our place shakes regularly. It might have even had to do with the earthquake in PA, considering all the fault lines in the northeast. Science is much scarier than myth.

The dream did express, however, how I’ve been feeling about these mittens I was trying to knit (all haphazardly and insanely) for Matt for Xmas (at the very last minute, of course). I thought I would be all slick and go for subtle by copying this talented stranded knitter on ravelry. I love her mittens and the way the striping of the Noro Kureyon Sock makes the pattern crisp in some parts (like those gorgeous cuffs!) and subtle in others (like the, ahem, frolicking deer). It’s genius! Maybe I should have totally copied her and used Kureyon Sock (albeit in my own colors) because I am loathing the way the colors are knitting up on my mitten, and the regular Kureyon knit at this gauge is hurting my already achy hands. Not fun. I am frogging these asap and using the yarn I originally had in mind for them, a much squishier alpaca/wool blend. I might have them done in time for Matt’s birthday on New Year’s Day. Or I might have them finished for him in a week or two. Hmmmm, we’ll see how that goes….


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