comfort knitting

basic mittens in handspun

pattern: basic mitten recipe (see below for details)
designer: me (& anyone who has ever knit a mitten)
yarn: Pigeonroof handspun in Millefiore
needles: Addi Turbos in US size 1

You know what’s immensely satisfying after a couple of frenetic weeks (that I am actually extremely grateful for)? Finishing a quick and easy project before moving on to your holiday knitting (at t-minus 4 days, of course). I didn’t use a pattern for these mittens. I just wanted to knit something very basic that would really show off the yarn and its gorgeous striations like sedimentary levels. I cast on 48 stitches, k2p2 for 32 rows, knit one row, then started increases for the thumb in the next row. I knit the tops of the mittens using a round decrease, but I kinda wish I had gone with the traditional wedge-shaped decreases because the mittens do feel a bit baggy. Or maybe I just have freakishly skinny fingers on a regular sized hand and that’s why there’s all that room in there at the fingers whereas the mittens fit perfectly across the palms.

Off to finish some presents now, but one thing before I go…. I loved knitting with this yarn so frigging much! Seriously, I loved every second of it; I loved knitting every stitch. The palette is amazing. I love how the colors knit up together. I need to score myself some more of this stuff.


8 thoughts on “comfort knitting

  1. With all my scrambling to finish Christmas gifts, it’s hard to remember when I last enjoyed the PROCESS of knitting. I’m keeping this yarn in mind…and the mittens, of course, are wonderful!

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