oh those dang WIP-persnappers!

So many WIPs, so little attention span….

Question: If you think a yarn is going to bleed like all get-out and you’re using it for colorwork, do you soak it and just hope it doesn’t bleed all over the other color(s), or do you steam-block it? Is there a better method for blocking bleeding colors that I am not even aware of? Any advice/suggestions would be tremendously appreciated.

On another note, you know how when we were little and would make goofy faces, our mothers/ teachers/ closest authority figure would say, “If you keep doing that, your face is going to freeze and you’ll be making that face for the rest of your life.” Well, for the last few months I may have been doing a pretty accurate and, according to my friends at least, funny impression of a certain VP candidate, and now, I swear to dog, I can’t shake the frigging accent. The other day I sincerely answered a question with a resounding, “You betcha!” I think I need help. My voice froze that way! Oh Sister Lilian, you scary scary person, why didn’t I listen to you and heed your sage words?


9 thoughts on “oh those dang WIP-persnappers!

  1. I’d steam block it if I thought that was going to work for the shape of the garment. I wonder if those color catcher sheets that I used for washing fabric would work in a handwash bath?

  2. Oooh, your Selbu Modern is looking fabulous in those colors!That’s sort of hilarious, about being stuck with Palin’s accent…I hope you can shake it soon!

  3. Oh no! Get rid of it quick! You can’t go around talking like her. 🙂 Love your projects. Your pics are so vibrant! I don’t know if what to do about the bleeding colors.

  4. I think I would use some sythropol in your soaking – that’ll stop the colors from bleeding. I would do that instead of steam block because if you sweat in the item, it’ll run all over you.

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