you know what’s insane?

Knitting a light worsted yarn on US size 0 needles for a colorwork project – that’s insane. Originally, I was going to knit Minty a pair of Gotland Island Mittens from Folk Mittens using some Malabrigo Silky Merino. Since NYC never gets that cold in the winter (well, compared to New England, at least), I figured the yarn would be perfect for some light yet warm mittens. Hah! Light mittens my ass! At this gauge the yarn knit up into a super-dense impenetrable fabric, and honestly, it hurt my fingers to knit. Now, I am not sure if I am going to finish these. I think I’m gonna frog ’em and use the yarn for something else because after stuffing teeny-tiny softie parts all day, the strain of knitting this is really too much for my wrists and fingers.

6 thoughts on “you know what’s insane?

  1. so many of the mitts in that book use worsted on 0s but i’ll tell you that *I* think it’s worth the pain – you just can’t knit them in one sitting.

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