so lucky

Vesper Mittens

I may not be the most outgoing gal at the party, but I am certainly the luckiest. In a recent swap some friends and I put together, I walked away with these beauties designed and knit by the freaking fabulously talented and so very lovely Julia Vesper in yarn that she handspun and dyed just for this. Seriously, how ridiculously lucky did I get? Thanks again, Julia! I love these so much! Knowing how cold it gets up here (and taking into account what a wuss I am about the cold), I will be wearing these A LOT this winter. And they fit beautifully!

mitten by Julia Vesper

Did I mention they’re lined? She lined them in Kid Silk Haze in a fantastic shade of purple. I am beyond wowed by these. Also, she gave me the leftover yarn, and it looks like there’s enough in there for a hat, like maybe the gorgeous chevron hat that she designed not too long ago. Guess what I’ll be casting on for in the next week or so.

In short, Julia Vesper rocks big time! I believe tomorrow is her birthday so please do drop by her blog and wish her a great one.

10 thoughts on “so lucky

  1. You are so lucky! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal of her secret project that she had been posting about! I was so excited to see that these were it! They are beautiful!

  2. These are beautiful. I’m thinking of making one of Julia’s hats with < HREF="" REL="nofollow">this yarn<>. I spun it for something else, but I think the gauge isn’t right.

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