posted for posterity?

Remember these?

jelly socks for bob

I knit them as a Christmas present for my father-in-law almost two years ago. All I remember about the project itself is that I knit them over 4 days, that I used Socks That Rock in a mediumweight, and that, according to my Flickr info, the colorway was called Puck’s Mischief and I used Addi Turbos in a US size2. I don’t remember how many stitches I cast on, nor do I recall the exact stitch pattern (it’s some variation of a twisted rib). I think I can figure it out based on this photo, but dude, I am kicking myself for not saving that info. You see, now I want to knit them again but all of the details are gone. This is one of the millions of reasons why ravelry is so awesome – because if the rav had been around then, surely I would have made a note of that info there on my project page. (And yes, I know that if I hadn’t deleted my old blog I would have that info now. DOH! I was hasty, but I am still kinda glad I did that. For catharsis and all….)

I realized the other day that it is already October (!!!), which of course means it’s time for Socktoberfest! And I want to take this:

STR - Rocktober

and turn it into a pair of those. I think that might be a great pattern/yarn combo. And I’m also looking for a quick, fun knit. (As I am always.) So off I go to count stitches and figure this out. Looks like it’s knit over 64 stitches, 1 x 1 ribbing on the cuff, 2 x 2 twisted ribbing with the twist every 3rd row with a standard heel & rounded toe. Does that sound about right? Or is it 3 x 2 ribbing over 60 stitches with enough gusset decreases to turn it to 56 stitches at the foot and make for a perfect round toe? Hmmmmmm….

5 thoughts on “posted for posterity?

  1. Ooo I love that color! Perfect for Fall! How do you get a round toe…I’ve been looking for a round toe pattern because kitchener stitching them closed is starting to bother me. :o)

  2. Yes! That would look great together. I think all that twisted rib should make the socks smaller so maybe the 64 stitch count would work better?

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