Oh, picot edge. I’ve never tried to knit you before. I don’t know why. I guess I was a little daunted. You seemed more complicated than you actually are. In fact, I was kinda amazed at how easy it was to knit you – just a YO, k2tog all around. So simple and pretty. I was sold on your beauty. Or was it all just an illusion? You see, in my mind, you would look something like this or this. Not this:

uh yeah, picot edge, you are not working out here

Hmmmmmm, where did I go wrong? Suggestions anyone? Should I have used a smaller needle? That’s it, isn’t it? Help a knitta out here.

I really like this pattern, period

As far as these mittens go, I think maybe what I need to do is rip out the picot and knit that part as the pattern calls for, so that it looks like these beauties here (or as close to perfect as those as possible). Here I thought I would make the cuff all fancy-pants when really I should have stuck to the plain ol’ ribbed bit that was in the pattern. I have to say, the fit is perfect. I thought the fit would be super-loose because the mitten looked so big on the needles, but it fits my 7.5 inches in circumference hands perfectly. Not too loose, not too snug – juuuuuuuuuuuuust right! I have to say, I am in love with the pattern on the palm:

I really like the palm

5 thoughts on “picot-boo!

  1. Are you talking about the flare? Three suggestions for you —1) knit the inside part of the hem on a smaller needle (sorry!)2) knit the inside one row shorter, or sew it down one row further up the mitten.3) sew down with a thinner yarn – something about the bulk encourages flare. Hope these ideas help, because I love a pretty picot! (I just blogged a picot photo today too…)

  2. Wow, these are looking gorgeous! I love the colors.But as for the flare: I second danielle’s suggestions of knitting the inside part of the hem on a smaller needle, and also knitting the inside one row shorter (this will pull the picot edge inward, instead of flaring out). I knit my edge on, so I don’t do her third thing, but my picot edges turn out fine this way.

  3. A tip I got from an elizabeth zimmerman book (I don’t remember which), but she says to cast on 10% less stitches and add them on when you’re at the point where you join the cast on back to the working yarn. Did I explain that well? I’ve always done it that way and it comes out great!

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