froggy went a’courtin’

Subway Stripey Scarf before I frog it

Guys, I think I am done with this scarf. This is how much it has grown since I last blogged about it. See? It’s barely gotten any longer. And that’s my fault. I have neglected it. So many other fun projects going on! I think the truth is I just don’t want to invest another second in it. No hate. No vitriol. Just one big “Meh!” Besides realizing the fact that I am more of a cowl person that a scarf person, I have also come to the conclusion that a) I don’t have the attention span or project-dedication to do a long scarf anymore, and b) I am sooooooooo not into what the colors are doing here and would never actually wear this. Let me clarify: I love the colors, just not that weird almost ghost of an argyle pattern that’s going on there. The reason that the Noro works so brilliantly with this specific pattern/scarf recipe is because it is a striping yarn, not a variegated yarn. Hence, it stripes beautifully. It doesn’t pool or splotch or spread like icky oil slicks. I think I may try this scarf again, only using the Noro (Silk Garden, not Kureyon, since I find the Kureyon too scratchy) or a similar striping yarn. In the meanwhile, I’m frogging this atrocity and either throwing this yarn out the window or attempting socks with it yet again. Grrrrr!

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