you know you’re distracted when…

…you’re crossing Harvard Yard on your way home and only then realize that you forgot to turn the coffeemaker off. This is the same coffeemaker that has been on since 8AM. It is now 4:15, and you have been out for hours. DOH!

You’re also a little distracted when you walk in, find said coffeemaker is now off, much to your relief although you can’t remember turning it off, and there is also a ribbon on the kitchen floor. “How did that get there?” you think as you open the door to the living room and studio, which the cats are banished from when you are not home lest they do something awful like nap on your WIPs on the worktable. You put down your bag and immediately go to check your email. Only when you hear the cats munching on something do you see the flowers in the photo sitting in a pitcher on your flat files. DOH!

The flowers are from Matt, who swung by during his lunch break, but I missed him. Wednesday was our 3 year wedding anniversary, and we are off to celebrate tonight. At least I remembered that much. DOH!


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