slow ride (progress)

I am totally consumed by this.

By the way, for anyone who may be wondering where the knitting content went, if you haven’t clicked “unsubscribe” by now and sent me packing into the cyber-ether, please rest assured that there will be knitlovin’ content on here verrrrrrrrrrry soon. I promise.

Oh, also, when I said this was going to be my “knitblog” where I would go on and on about knitting only, I may have stretched the truth a bit – like, a teeny lil’ bit. I may have some quilting to post about here soonish. And more embroidery. And if I ever get my shizz together and take Maryse up on her offer to teach me crochet, there may even be some crochet on here.

One more thing, why does she not run the other way the minute he asks, “Do you think that I could be scary?” Even when I was 15, that would have sent a huge red flag a’flyin’ and I would have been all, “Yeeeeeeeeeaaaahh, so I’m getting out of the car now. Call me and there will be a restraining order, creepy dude.” I believe it was at 15 that I came up with one of my favorite adages: I have no time for creepy people. Okay, maybe I came up with that when I was a little bit older and had way too many creepy people lurking about my life. But STILL! Oh yes, that’s right, this is fun, fluffy fiction and not real life. Take it with a grain of salt. Keep it in perspective, M, keep it in perspective….


7 thoughts on “slow ride (progress)

  1. Dude, I am so with you on Creepy McStalkersons. I am still reading now, and I dislike him even more as his super controlling side comes out in book 3. I’m so rooting for the other guy, but I keep reading even though I know Creepy will win out.Oh, and nice embroidery (after my rant about a teen fiction book)

  2. well what creeps me out about him is that i imagine his skin to feel cold and clammy. i do find him fascinating though.on the other hand, she annoys me.

  3. I love seeing other crafts on the blogs I read – I find them fascinating. Well, some more than others, but the stitching is defitinitely fascinating!!!And on the book… Yes, he’s creepy and stalkery, but he’s gorgeous, and frankly he’s the most exciting thing that silly little town has to offer. Oh, and I don’t like the other one much. Too manipulative.

  4. I would love to send you some hand dyed embroidery floss. Looks like you prefer the dmc cotton. I will look through my stash if your are interested. It seems to me that your work needs some variegation…

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