post NESW – the haul

NESW score

top: Still River Mill laceweight 100% cashmere, 200 yards, I have no idea what the colorway is called – Matt calls it “JJ Gray” because it’s the same shade of gray as our kitty)

bottom: Ball and Skein single ply merino/silk blend, 3 skeins @ 160 yards each, I lost the colorway info, but it is my favorite shade of green EVER!

The haul was small this year, and that’s a very good thing as I have enough stash to burn through for the next year or two (or more). There was SO MUCH insanely gorgeous stuff and so many wonderful vendors there. It was hard to be so hyper-selective. I kept picking stuff up, thinking about it, and putting it back because I couldn’t think of a project for it already in my queue. I find that yarn with a purpose gets used much quicker than that which gets stashed with no intended project. The gray cashmere from Still River Mill will soon become these, and the gorgeous green merino/silk blend from BallandSkein will become a Shetland Triangle. Lest you think, “Dude, what the hell? You just got some silk/merino blend from Malabrigo that looks just like that!” this is the difference between the two:

The BallandSkein is on the left and the Malabrigo is on the right. See? It’s definitely a touch more blue/less green. This further proves the case that the Malabrigo is definitely turquoise, which means that tomorrow morning I am casting on for the cowl for my friend. And then, I am knitting like the wind!

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