the trouble with turquoise

will the real turquoise please stand up

top: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Ankara Green.
bottom: cowl started in old STR (feels like mediumweight) in Turquoise

I’m making a cowl for a friend who I will be seeing in about a week, and she has told me that she’s really into turquoise. Check the stash for turquoise and I come across this pretty STR in the old put-up of 325 yards in, lo and behold, Turquoise. Great! Woohoo! I’m set! Except that I worry that a week might not be enough time to whip out a cowl in a fingering-weight yarn. No problem! There’s a yarn shop right by me that I can nip into while running errands. Perhaps they have something I can use there. Hahahahahah!

Wait, bear with me while I catch my breath. Hahahahahahahah!!!! Well, they have a pretty wide selection of fiber, but jiminy frigging cricket, how awesome would it be if they invested in better lighting? It’s just me, I’m sure, with my crappy eyesight and all, but seriously, lighting is so important. Anyhoo, they have a gorgeous selection of Malabrigo Silky Merino, which I have wanted to try since I first heard about it. It’s silky, it’s merino, it’s squishy and fabulous. Excellent! And they have a solid selection of colors to choose from. The yarn in the top photo is the closest they had to turquoise. In fact, it looked pretty turquoise to me then, and it looks pretty turquoise now, right? The label says the colorway is called Ankara Green. Hmmmm…. But it looks like turquoise, right? Would you use it if you wanted turquoise? GAH! Okay, I’m calm, all is good, but I have cast on with the STR just in case….


8 thoughts on “the trouble with turquoise

  1. yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s turquoise – either way, it’s a fantastic color. (and i’m pretty sure i know EXACTLY which store you’re talking about, too.)

  2. Ankara green?? Whatever. Looks turquoise to me, and it’s beautiful!If you’re still thinking about the STR, you could maybe double-strand it, that would knit up a little quicker.

  3. I actually think the top skein of “green” is more turquoise than the bottom skein of STR “Turquoise”!!Oooh, I like the double-stranded STR idea…it would blend the colours more. Right now, the dark blue is kind of popping out a bit much, imo. But what a lovely gift idea, either way!

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