yay for yarn!

Sock Hop

Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop handspun sock yarn
top: “Sunshine of Your Love”
bottom: “Light My Fire”

Okay, so I know I said that I would not be adding any more yarn to the already pretty plentiful stash of sock yarn that I have. (I don’t stash other yarn – I buy it on a per project basis because if not it will just sit in a container for months.) What can I say? How could I pass these up? To assuage the feelings of guilt I’m having over here, I am winding these tonight and casting on for socks some time during the week. It’s part of my “No Yarn Left Behind” plan. (Insert tongue in cheek, please.) This goes beyond stashbusting, although I do plan to knit through the stash for the rest of year. This is implementing a system where I use the yarn as soon as I get it in my hot little hands, and if I don’t use it within a month of purchase, I will give it away. Let’s see how that works. Perhaps it will motivate me to knit more, or perhaps it will just make me extremely generous in the coming month or two.

P.S. – Regardless of this vow I have made to myself, if any of you fabulous dyers and spinners out should come out with a line of yarns/colors based on Led Zeppelin songs, I just might have to break down and get one of everything. Seriously, just envision Kashmir or Dancing Days as colorways. Mmmmmmmm, I’m just dreaming of it….


2 thoughts on “yay for yarn!

  1. those are awesome looking yarns. i don’t really stash any thing but sock yarns now. well a little. um. ok. that’s a total lie.

  2. i think you need to put that sunshine yarn away for a month. then you’d have to send it to me! (ingenious!)😀happy sunday! it’s sunny and springy here!

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