the purl bee made me do it

purl bee lace cowl

Do you know for how long this has been a WIP? Let’s see, I have this progress shot here that was taken on January 26th. Of 2007. Which as we all know was last year. Ouch! I’ve been slacking here. This project quite literally slipped through the cracks. I found it hiding in a plastic bag in between by desk and a box o’ yarn. Since one of my personal resolutions is to finish off the many WIPs I have hiding out in various parts of our apartment, to dig ’em up and get ’em done, I picked this up again and surprised myself with how quickly it knit up – once I actually started knitting again. The pattern is super-easy, and this yarn is heavenly to work with. The cowl is so squishy and fabulous that I’ve already been wearing it around.

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